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Radiology Billing Services

Radiology (I/R) Billing demands specialized expertise, given the intricate nature of the coding involved. A thorough understanding of the coding procedures specific to interventional radiologists and ancillary services such as image guidance, device insertion, and report documentation is vital for accurate reimbursement.

Our seasoned medical coders and billers have extensive knowledge of various Interventional Radiology techniques, code bundling, and the ever-evolving compliance landscape. With our comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management system explicitly tailored for I/R services, we ensure efficient and accurate billing processes.

We understand the importance of precision in interventional radiology coding, as it directly impacts revenue optimization. We provide customized reports and analytics that offer valuable insights into your practice’s financial performance.

Our Business-Friendly Radiology Billing Services

With our team of skilled professionals, we bring specialized expertise in radiology billing. From coding accuracy to timely claim submissions, we ensure a smooth flow of revenue, minimizing delays and maximizing reimbursements. We efficiently handle the billing process without disrupting your patient handling routine.
Our Area of Expertise

  • Radiology-Specific Expertise
  • Proactive Revenue Optimization
  • Fully compliant billing practices
  • Customized reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Versed in the handling complex coding procedures
  • Comprehensive understanding of the appropriate use of modifiers
  • Conducting detailed reimbursement analysis
  • Dedicated expert investigations by denial managers
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Our Well-equipped Techniques to Maximize Your Reimbursement

With our meticulous approach to coding and documentation, advanced claim scrutiny, accurate denial analysis, payer contract review, compliance monitoring, performance analytics, and focus on continuous improvement, we are well-equipped to maximize your reimbursement and minimize denial counts.

  • Accurate Coding and Documentation
  • Advanced Claim Scrutiny
  • Denial Analysis and Resolution
  • Payer Contract Review
  • Ongoing Compliance Monitoring
  • Performance Analytics
  • Continuous Process Improvement

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management for a Wide Variety of Medical Specialities

ASP-RCM Solutions offers vast experience in medical billing services and revenue cycle management for various medical disciplines, including anesthesiology, cardiology, and radiology. We are aware that every medical item is distinct and, as such, has particular requirements that the revenue cycle management and billing procedures must meet. At ASP-RCM, we take great satisfaction in being intimately familiar with your area of medicine to offer your practice the best value. Among our specialties are, but are not restricted to:
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We Specialize in Variable Payers

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Security and Compliance

At ASP-RCM, data security is not subject to negotiation. We are proud to hold the ISO 27001:2013 certification, a globally recognized standard for information security management systems, certified by TUV Rheinland.

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